Saturday, January 23, 2010


 I may not tell if that’s your real name…
A name I like and renders me lame!
I may not be keen on your public fame…
Fame I know not its challenges nor flame!
I may not swear that surely is your photo…
Photo that speaks volumes as words of Plato!
You are an invisible friend
But I feel you……

I’ll never know how you conceive your Status…
Status so telling, so rich as Desert Cactus!
I wonder which god feeds you with Comments…
Comments so life- filled as mineral supplements!
I’m amazed how you snake your way to my inbox and Wall
My inbox and wall you paint with honeyed-colours of a city Mall!
You are an invisible friend
But I feel you…..

I wish I could call to prove you are alive…
Alive and human, not sting -filled as owners of a hive!
Sometimes I crave to step on your toes….
Your toes might prove we are friends or foes!
At times you go underground as bears of North Pole
North Pole coldness you send, drives me insane... to my hole!
You are an invisible friend
But I feel you…

Meeting you in person may forever be a mirage….
A mirage so haunting and complex as a marriage!
Deleting me from your page may be a decision you’ve made
Made to drive me far from your glittering friendship shade!
Judging you online I’ve tried but failed
Failed to dissolve all words you texted and emailed
You are an invisible friend
But I feel you…

Copyright © 2009 Meshack Sewe
 (Dedicated to all my FB friends...both active and understandably passive!)

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Fathered by a man, a cold-blooded man!
Live like a man, a real fierce man
Owner of a scary crib, bloody armed like a witch
Leader of thirsty gangs, no need asking which
Rape, murder, drugs, who cares what!
All crimes, my trade, I fly like a bat!
Laws, all shells, true men must break!
Our world, for men, no room for the weak!
Yes, I am a man!
A real humble ghost…….

I float in wealth, got through fearless death!
Dealings, so bloody, by fires of strength!
Women, my toys, I tease at leisure!
My wife, poor woman! No time to treasure!
Orphans, the poor, my garbage has plenty!
My fun, young girls, innocent, below twenty!
My enemies, those breathing, my mission, my target!
My friends, who need them? All worthless, my regret!
Yes, I am a man!
A real humble ghost…….

Man got to do what man got to do!
If you be my man, what would you do?
Yesterday was great, I sacked my wife!
And how did you know, she escaped my knife?
She questioned my trust, my moods, every  move!
Testing my powers with tears of love!
My parents, who cares! All old and away!
My kids, all crooks, bothersome each day!
Yes, I am a man!
A real humble ghost…….

A bachelor I’ve become…
But still I’m a man!
No cooking like a woman, I’m a lover of junk!
No cleaning like a woman, I go home drunk!
No shaving, no grooming, bushy beards of a man!
No hiding, all freedom, my mistress is fun!
No school fee, no college, not for her daughter!
No pains, no sadness, I’m a man of laughter!
Yes, I am a man!
A real humble ghost…….

Human freedom, how scarce! For real men only!
Freedom, to torment, and maim, for women, for money!
Freedom, to bully, earn power, show might!
Freedom, to abuse, grab, batter, fight!
Freedom, to marry, unmarry, remarry!
Freedom, to enjoy, destroy, be merry!
Freedom, to pester, pressure for leisure!
Freedom, to capture, and break with pressure!
Yes, I am a man!
A real humble ghost…….

A church man I am, true man of God!
My offerings reach heaven, serving our Lord!
My record, so clean, filled with currency notes!
My heart, quite peaceful, assured of their votes!
My bible, Holy bible, very close to my bed!
My ring, oh poor ring! Lost it after we wed!
My bed, matrimonial, has seen many faces!
My house, mine alone! No brothers, no nieces!
Yes, I am a man!
A real humble ghost…….

Indeed I’m a man, haunted brightly coloured ghost!
No woman can host!
Oh how blind!
Void of human mind!
Oh how deaf!
Lifeless as dry leaf!
All passions gone….
My manliness, drawn…..
Yes, I’m a man!
A real humble ghost……

Copyright © 2009 Meshack Sewe


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