Sunday, March 27, 2011



I had a Desert dream…
Devouring seedless Kalahari dates!
I journeyed through a hot sand-filled stream
Thirst burnt my throat… with passions of first love dates
Tossed by fighting dusts…I heard a whirlwind scream
On vampire rocks I landed…my dreams turned to slates
Together all pieces I glued…ready for  a new Oasis dream!

I had a Space dream…
Attending moon’s grand wedding in Mars!
I flew through clouds… playing hide and seek with sunbeam
Weeping rain blurred my vision of flirting stars
Bruised by floating ice… I craved for a blanket of steam
Blinded by a bully flash…a rogue thunder ruptured my old scars
My wounds I nursed…ready for a new Solar dream!

I had a Sea dream….
Swimming with dolphins amidst cheering corals!
Evading storms… explored depths starved of gleam
Hunted by sharks with blood-stained morals
Abused by drunken whales…far from rescue team
On a mucky shore my soul awoke…deformed as ghost murals
My frozen hands I warmed…ready for a new Transatlantic dream!

I had a Poetic dream…
Sculpturing lyrics of sonnets… painted with rhymes of a rainbow!
Mind hypnotized…I massaged my soul with an inspirational cream
Wild weeds of free verses broke in…dressed in rags of a scarecrow
My pen glided in shock as a hacked classified live stream
On senseless stanzas… each reader frowned like a broken bow
Wasted words I erased…ready for a new Shakespearean dream!

2011©Meshack Sewe
 The best way to conquer broken dreams is dreaming new dreams!!..This is my special dedication to a friend  of mine who perished in a road accident with all her family -husband & two kids except their last born who survived the crash.......her determination, and struggles for a better life in a safe place far from her war-torn nation paid off....but sadly, and bitterly, never lasted....from airport heading to their home, on a smooth road,in their car....their lives ended...she was barely 25...with more new family  dreams to accomplish....we shall miss u, Juraia....
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