Sunday, November 15, 2009


My heart was a vessel
Hungry for a morsel
My soul was cold
As dreams of the old
My cries were null
As tears of a water-fall…..
 Then all was history
Your love my story
…But now I’m unhappy…
 Because you’re away…..

On that May,
 On that day,
 Amidst blink-less eyes,
 Witnessing our love-lit fires
  Our fingers were lifted
  Blessed rings fitted
  Sweet vows exchanged
  No longer engaged…
  Our union was merry
 …..But now I’m unhappy…
  Because you are away…

 Last time you came….
  My happiness I couldn’t name!
  Our boy on your arm
  Your smile was charm
  We kissed and hugged
  Sad moments were mugged!
  Your presence, sweet flowers!
  Our laughers, hot showers!
  ……But now I’m unhappy…
   ……Because you are away…

What is it in the heart that great minds cannot read?
What is it in the minds that great hearts cannot heed?
 My soul coldly burns thy memories closer
 I reach for my phone with the zeal of a grocer
 Your voice so real …touches me to the bone
 The background so a live my pains all gone
 But the line goes dead….. All time is spent
 I lie on bed, sadly coiled like a serpent
  Another time has come… for my long lonely night

Copyright © 2009 Meshack Sewe

(Wrote it when I was deeply missing very special people on my life....)

Monday, November 9, 2009


 Books in front of me…
I stared through the window…
Uncertainty, hit me with a blow…
Persistent yawns I tried to suppress…
Determine to beat the failing stress….
I did my best to earn success…
Hoping to graduate and later progress…
Our time soon aged, so we were ejected…
Eight months now….No where to be absorbed…oh how dejected!
Days came and pass, I feel disturbed…
Applications I’ve sent seem to have been dumped!
Deep inside my heart I crave for solace…
Praying for God to grant me his grace…
For life without a means is quite a bitter race…
Life has its spills…
I’ll just tick to my will…
Not far may be some thrill!

Copyright © 2009 Meshack Sewe
(Wrote when I was jobless and stressed- eighth month after my graduation and unsuccessful job applications)


Created by God;
In his Godly image;
Blessed with a woman;
Blessed to prosper;
Put in a world, so wild for one;
Left with a choice, of darkness and light…
Oh! Man of God! How godless have you become?

Should God now be a myth?
No faith, no truth, just wealth?
Must you be a player?
Worshiping Cruiser, Trooper, Hummer, or Chopper?
Should you boast of a Hotel, Brothel, Cartel, shares in Zain-Celtel?
Must you mock minnows, Helpless widows, poor fellows?
Should you radiate anger, Forget hunger, preach danger?
No! A true man lives not in the past;
Sees women with his heart;
Lives for the sake of all.

Ooh! Poor man of God!
Before her you knelt, asking for her hand;
Burning with love, she, your ultimate brand;
To her face you swore, no other you’ll stand;
With blessings from God, your wedding was grand;
Your wife so modest, as the Queen of England;
I new man you’ve become, sang your escort band
A true man lives not in the past;
Sees women with his heart;
Lives for the sake of all

Now a man with a ring,
Sweet news: “You’ll be a Daddy! ”
She says with a smile, hopping to be a Mummy
“Yes! ” “Yes! ” You shout, intoxicated, you jump
You feel charged, manly, deserving a thumb
You begin; you search, for all manly names
She wonders, so sadly, why all for males
Great day! She struggles, a sweet girl is born
How you hoped for a boy! Your heart is torn
A true man lives not in the past;
Sees women with his heart;
Lives for the sake of all.

Now a man with a ring,
Your passion, priceless as the tail of a swine
Her love maturing with time as wine
To chameleon you evolve, tossing every bit of character
So evasive, secretive, a true champion of trickster
Your own, your choice, whose love was good
Now, despised, ignored, a rotten wood,
Your home- nights, crooked, ever timeless, ever lifeless!
She waits, in pain, in vain, in bed, sleepless!
Back, with a bang, in whisky, no pity, snoring pretty!
Her pleas, her cries, to you, all petty!
Stranded, your daughter, no school, no fee,
Your budget, so full, Mistress’ shopping spree!
A true man lives not in the past;
Sees women with his heart;
Lives for the sake of all

Oh man of God! Be a Godly man!
Let her fly up the skies of U.N.Os
Not feeding her with fears of UFOs
Let her voice be heard as Ellen Johnson
Be weary of power-greed like Mandela Nelson
Let her devour the taste of her worldly right
Keep our world safe from your muscular might
Be a model of all, a man of integrity
Embracing every soul, treasuring all humanity
A true man never lives in the past;
Sees women with his heart;
Lives for the sake of all.
Copyright © 2009 Meshack Sewe



Born by a woman, born in the neighborhood
Fed by a woman, through tough livelihood
Raised by a woman, all through childhood
Married to a woman, enjoying your manhood
How about parenthood?
Is it solely for womanhood?
All through her adulthood?
Who can be a real man without splendors of a woman?
To be a man, be a man of honor.

To be a man, must you be magically handsome?
No! To be a man, adore people wholesome!
To be a man, must you pay her lump-some?
No! To be a man, just treat her awesome!
To be a man, must you prove meddlesome?
No! To be a man, intolerance is loathsome!
To be a man, is sensitivity irksome?
No! To be a man, indifference is tiresome
To be a man, should your tongue be gruesome?
No! To be a man, wicked speech is burdensome
Who can be a real man without splendors of a woman?
A real man is a man of honor.

Women can be what men can be!
Look not with teeth what women have done
Yesterday’s paintings of women are gone
Our world is dead if for men a lone
Treat her with zeal, not as a clone
Miss her big! Reach out by phone
Ooh how lucky! Comparable to none!
Who can be a real man without splendors of a woman?
A real man is a man of honor.

Why drive pleasure, cooking others in pain?
Why bath in a river of dark personal gain?
Why call her weak, void of human brain?
Why tie up the maimed with your heartless chain?
Why drive all to grave like a derailed train?
Why the wicked hatred of biblical Cain?
Why your manly gusto, as complex as Spain?
Who can be a real man without splendors of a woman?
A real man is a man of honor.

Your suits, your house, your car, your laptop you cherish
Your family, your business, your cash, you relish
Your neighbors, your “friends”, their gains, your anguish
Her dreams, her strengths, to you, all rubbish.
Your prayer, your hopes, your plans, all selfish
Your spending, your leisure, your shopping, all lavish
Their views, their options, their advice, all childish
Who can be a real man without splendors of a woman?
A real man is a man of honor.

Be a man; carry burning flames of endless hope
Be a man, save the youth from jaws of killer dope
Be a man; embrace the blind, the needy, down the slope
Be a man, don’t walk on women, their strengths, endurance, like that of Pope!
Be a man, respect all, their opinions, their actions, their scope
Be a man, be your best, don’t sit, desire and mope
Be a man, act now, speak up, move on, with a gentle lope
Who can be a real man without splendors of a woman?
A real man is a man of honor.

Copyright © 2009 Meshack Sewe


Enslaved by a choice, I feed on pain
Starvation filleth my bottom-less brain!
I’m trapped on a rail …oblivious of train!
Your trust I have lost…will I ever gain?
My floods of sorrow, I fail to explain!
I’m showering in guilt…like trash in a drain….
I’m Sorry…If I hurt you...will you forgive me?

…When your fingers typed, your heart was on fire…
I smelled your status… your condition was dire….
But my comment was a punctured tire…..
I dressed it in garlic...with words stretching hey-wire!
I sprayed it with comic….whose sources are no where
I’m Sorry….If I hurt you…..will you forgive me?

When I “requested” for your friendship
I was lost in a sea …..…hunting for your ship…
Did you check my profile….for any vetting tip?
Or wondered which God, I love & worship?
Your response, affirmative…my life-saving drip!
I’m Sorry…if I hurt you…will you forgive me?

Many a times I chew….on hard bones of boredom….
And choke my status with words vast as a Kingdom!
Suffocating your homepage like sins of Sodom
Words void of pleasure as China-made condom!
So taxing to scroll…..your phone “pre-dotcom! '
I’m Sorry…If I hurt you…will you forgive me?

I have played it rough, spilling beans on your wall
I ignored a friendly game….a gentle toss of inbox ball
I made you wonder, if I’m a headless pal!
With a heart so cold as Everest in Nepal!
I spoiled your mood… with venom so lethal
I’m Sorry….If I hurt you…will you forgive me?

…my absence was abrupt…you never knew it was brief…
Good riddance! You murmured, sighing with relief…
Free at last! From my daily mischief!
A few did miss me, and nursed their grief
But still I erred….for leaving like a thief!
I’m sorry…If I hurt you…will you forgive me?

I paid a courtesy call to your beautiful photo….
On it I unleashed a voltage of 3-phase motor!
Did it turn your nerves…. like a plane’s rotor?
Puzzled by lyrics I borrow from a suitor?
Or did I sound mean like a fed-up visitor?
I’m sorry….If I hurt you…will you forgive me?

Two months now, your posts I had to hide….
They were coming in torrents, chained and endless as sea tide....
Clothed in colors I failed to unhide
Hunting for comments, my brain shrunk from inside
In a blackout I landed, my words couldn’t glide
I’m sorry…If I hurt you…will you forgive me?

………I am a Member! .... in your friends’ list….
It must be for a reason…your silence, as noisy as a grave…..and as bold as desert mist…..
My long posts, stresses your wall…draining its waters…pages dying of thirst…
Scrambling for space are pleasing fans….forcing “friends” to stumble clumsily in their midst!
A sweet scent hits all walls …when a function is ripe……timing as perfect as prayers of a priest!
I’m sorry….if I hurt you….will you forgive me?

Let me leave it at that!
You all deserve a pat
Be happy; feel great…wear a god-father hat!
Keep rehearsing; continue playing your part…
Yes, a façade is a life’s coat worn by the skinny and the fat!
I’m neither both nor any; my “me” will never depart…
I may be blind as many a jailed bat.
Not a relative of a mouse…please, spare me “rat-rat! ”
My cup of friends is never full; I take time to make choices like a cat
Mouthful comments, is my trademark! ….what a pity they drain your phone flat!
But time is magic, I shall explain…who knows, we’ll soon chat!
Or collide head-on in some city “mat”
May be when shopping at Prestige Nakumatt!
I’m sorry….If I hurt you…. will you forgive me?

 Copyright © 2009 Meshack Sewe
(Poem inspired by facebook

Note: “mat”-Kenyan popular public transport vehicles
"Prestige Nakumatt"-Popular Kenyan 24/7supermarket


 Her eyes so innocently calm…so deeply warm…

Exuding sweet hidden lyrics of charm;

Her earrings…sparkling blue-purple…

Like Mitchell’s jewels giggling in a glittering marble;

Sacred and mystic serenity…reside in her humble lips…

Graciously moistened and tender as Caribbean chips!

Her dress…from nature’s blackcurrant, cutely exotic…

The loose-eyed beware, staring beyond is “tipsy-toxic! ”

Her skin…natural, free from artificial bleach…

Refreshingly admirable as Kenya’s coastal beach!

Her hair… romancing her cheeks, dancing happily, so trendy…

Call her no names...the sing bird is WENDY!

Copyright © 2009 Meshack Sewe
( Dedicated  to my FB friend whose photo appears above)


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