Saturday, May 28, 2011


Insane night-rain …loudly weeps and pounds…
Ejecting termites from their paradise mounds…
Bright darkness paints their virgin eyes blind
Flamboyant wings nipped by drunkard wind
On land they shock, nude and cold
Lusty eyes laugh…glutton tongues spread as mold
Their fate… soon sealed…with traps they can’t spell
Their past…soon history…. temporary tales to tell

A tired Sun dies smiling….burying a sweaty day’s fright
Homeless bird inhales…frozen fumes of mist all night!
A hosting tree cries foul…abused by bird’s care-free poop
Leaves’ chilly tears flow …deformed feathers scared of swoop
Irritated branches fight back… lone visitor pushed and tossed!
Hunger burns for a new day….far from a host damn crossed
Bells of dawn…soon ring… melodies spiced with optimism
Time to nest…soon arrives…no more patching on fatalism

Days of a kitten…pampered by warmth of kitchen
Endless games of scrabble…chasing feathers of chicken
Innocent paws craving to tease and tickle…wrestling bored dog-tail
Live rat-meal tortured with joy… its death casual as serving cocktail!
Siblings play hide-and-seek…scratching, jumping, and stalking under
Purrs and meows resonate….lullaby licks of fur before slumber
Playful days…soon wither… more roles of indoor kitty  
A new error with new errors…soon descend...with its nitty-gritty

2011©Meshack Sewe
My personal reflection on how SOON situations change..with soon you'll never tell... a life to behold radiating richness on a face...SOON defaced with shutters of joy SOON shattered...left in tatters....with SOON a frowning moon SOON wears a romantic smile.....buried dreams spout with life..hmm...just wait....& SOON you'll notice that SOON surely comes!!!!!


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

Awoken Soul,
It was good to find your new poem.

Avery indepth look at life with all its highs and lows. Sometimes we can hit a very bad patch, when failure seems to take hold.
However, hope is an important thing to keep your soul alive.

Best wishes, Eileen


...Thanks for visiting,& for ua comment...Yes! is rich in both palatable and unpalatable menus!...& yes...we have to hold on to hope....hoping that "SOON" will bring with it fulfillment...

Sachin Malhotra said...

sweet poem.. thanks for sharing..
मेरी नयी पोस्ट पर आपका स्वागत है : Blind Devotion - अज्ञान

Camille said...

beautiful poem, and with very deep meaning. you put words together beautifully!


@Sachin, sweet to hear that...thanks alot...@ Camille, beautiful, & encauraging comment..thanks..

Marian said...

i want more kitten days. and definitely more purrs and meows!

i also came by to say this: As Poets United celebrates its first anniversary this week, we want to thank you for your support. Over the past year, we have grown to 250 members plus and are steadily growing. Poets United is proud to have you as one of our members and look forward to another successful year. Your imagination, creativity and willingness to share with us is what makes our community such a wonderful place. Thank you for beautiful poetry and thank you for being a part of Poets United.


Hmmm...@Marian...hahaaa...we all long for ketten days....thanks.....I'm indeed honored to be part of Poets United..

lorely said...

My favorite imagery "a tired sun dies smiling." I can only hope to live up to that...when I die I hope I die smiling...

How quickly things do change...

Margie said...

Wonderful imagery here!
Enjoyed this very much!


wonderful comment, Margie,many thanks indeed.

Fyodor Lewis said...

With the thick hot air of a thermal the kite rises and surprises at just how high it can go. Not waiting for a yes, maybe or no. It just floats along giving those below more than they hoped in a show. But little do they know that its grasp is tenuous. That its high flight is more than strenuous. That from the heat of the the desert floor to the height of the mountains and more the bird felt the burning then the freezing all for a glimpse of that last little morsel it needs to survive. While the watchers seem to thrive the bird just tries to stay alive. And then at a sight it dives down in a blaze at the sight of some watcher dying in haze. And then we're amazed when they trade. First the bird was the victim and now death is stayed. Time not for the prey but for the predator to graze.

There's a little beat poetry for you. I love your poem! Thanks for the inspiration. :)


Wow!!! amazing poem indeed....hmmm..."time not for the prey but for the predator to graze"...thanks too for passing by..and for you inspiring piece as well


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