Thursday, December 17, 2009


Bit by bit life grows
Its feathers as dark as hell’s crows!
Its thorns pierce and stab
We all... hunting for a healing tab..
But please, help me  smile
…For a sad face will bring me death!

Placed on my back is a heavy burden
Boiling in my mind is a pool of confusion
And caressing my soul is unknown identity.
But please, help me smile
For a smile might open my eyes…

The clouds gathering up above
Might burst and darken my today..
Thunder’s voice is scary…..
Threatening to strike when I least expect.
But please, help me smile
For a smile might give me strength

Swelling in my eyes are rivers of pain
I’ve toiled all day with no tangible gain
I'm  orphaned, despised, a victim of AIDS
I am dejected, homeless, no help, no aids…
But please, help me smile
For a smile might bring me hope…

Copyright©2009 Meshack sewe

......Inspired by an online friend's face-book post after she visited needy children.....and how important it is to make a sad face smile....when you think you're helpless with nothing material to offer  suffering souls, well, don't worry...just try to make them will make a big difference in their lives.....


 I recall soft cotton smiles we shared...
Each others hand we religiously caressed
But you tricked me into your house
And turned me into your spouse
No longer am I your love
Since you turned me into a wife!

Our love was floating in cobwebs of fun
In all my happy games, you were my “MAN U” fan!
Everyone knows…I was your dove!
But now …you treat me as used glove!
No longer am I your love
Since you turned me into a wife!

To our little girl your love has gone
Not knowing how painful I’m left alone
All the pet names you’ve turned to our Wendy
Sparing non for your ones candy!
No longer am I your love…
Since you turned me into a wife!

Outings, warm chats, pillow-fighting… all gone by the wind I wish you can rewind….
The promises you made to make me happy
The gifts you gave with excitements of a puppy!
My heart I gave believing you were the best
Now here we are…your mind facing west!
No longer am I your love.
Since you turned me into a wife!

On your door I plead and knock
How I miss those days of my crowing cock!
My Tiger Woods you’ve changed…a Super Golfer in many a hidden dens!
My Clinton you are not the same… an Obama  for younger Mitchel hens!
No longer am I your love
Since you turned me into a wife.

Copyright©2009 Meshack Sewe

In this poem, I tried to tailor myself in some married women’s dresses……attempting to expose what many married women undergo after tying the knot! It’s also a healthy doze for the unmarried……grass is always greener on the other side!!!......But once you reach there, it is a big surprise when you find everyone toothless and chewing dry soil! True… green grass only grows when constantly watered…..hmmm…tedious indeed… of life’s sacrifices and challenges…..that’s the way it is!!!!!.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I guess I felt lonely and lost
Dreaming as most…
Insane like a few
Struggling like a Jew
Cold as Kilimanjaro dew
Fermenting like a wedding brew
Far a way as a sea-crew
But thank God- I’m in love
And my love is you!

Now that my love you’re away
I swim in your sweet memories everyday
Missing you than any word can say
And darling every night I pray
For our love neither to rock nor sway
I know there are forces ready to slay
Willing to celebrate as workers on May!
On you honey, my love I lay
Thank God I’ve known love
And my love is you!

Whenever I saw you unwell, I know exactly what I felt,
Whenever you were sad, I know exactly what I felt
Whenever I saw and touched your tears, I know exactly what I felt
Whenever I saw you smile and laugh, I know exactly what I felt,
When I touched and kissed you, I know how exactly what I felt
And my love is you!
Copyright©2005 Meshack sewe

Saturday, December 5, 2009


A hard bone....... I beg to pick…
With those whose hearts no poet can prick
If I serve my poems on plates of pain
Will they miss its contents so bare as plain?
If I paint it with their dark colours of death
Will they crave to choke my tear-filled breathe?

Innocent souls are burning ….dark smoke engulfing their future
As each day passes, they feed on torture...
Once a smiling Somalia, now a wicked- dance-hall of hell!
Endless rains of trauma, amidst the innocent, killers dwell.....
If religion be the reason, why guns and bombs?
God's word is peace….not mountains of tombs!
God bless Somalia...Allahuakubar!!Allahuakubar!
God's ears are opened…..His mighty sword never far!

Copyright © 2009 Meshack Sewe
Lamentation poem following the death of those killed by a suicide bomber in Somalia-my friend ,Gideon Chumo,  inspired me to write the poem following his FB post about suffering Somalis


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