Saturday, December 5, 2009


A hard bone....... I beg to pick…
With those whose hearts no poet can prick
If I serve my poems on plates of pain
Will they miss its contents so bare as plain?
If I paint it with their dark colours of death
Will they crave to choke my tear-filled breathe?

Innocent souls are burning ….dark smoke engulfing their future
As each day passes, they feed on torture...
Once a smiling Somalia, now a wicked- dance-hall of hell!
Endless rains of trauma, amidst the innocent, killers dwell.....
If religion be the reason, why guns and bombs?
God's word is peace….not mountains of tombs!
God bless Somalia...Allahuakubar!!Allahuakubar!
God's ears are opened…..His mighty sword never far!

Copyright © 2009 Meshack Sewe
Lamentation poem following the death of those killed by a suicide bomber in Somalia-my friend ,Gideon Chumo,  inspired me to write the poem following his FB post about suffering Somalis

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