Thursday, December 17, 2009


 I recall soft cotton smiles we shared...
Each others hand we religiously caressed
But you tricked me into your house
And turned me into your spouse
No longer am I your love
Since you turned me into a wife!

Our love was floating in cobwebs of fun
In all my happy games, you were my “MAN U” fan!
Everyone knows…I was your dove!
But now …you treat me as used glove!
No longer am I your love
Since you turned me into a wife!

To our little girl your love has gone
Not knowing how painful I’m left alone
All the pet names you’ve turned to our Wendy
Sparing non for your ones candy!
No longer am I your love…
Since you turned me into a wife!

Outings, warm chats, pillow-fighting… all gone by the wind I wish you can rewind….
The promises you made to make me happy
The gifts you gave with excitements of a puppy!
My heart I gave believing you were the best
Now here we are…your mind facing west!
No longer am I your love.
Since you turned me into a wife!

On your door I plead and knock
How I miss those days of my crowing cock!
My Tiger Woods you’ve changed…a Super Golfer in many a hidden dens!
My Clinton you are not the same… an Obama  for younger Mitchel hens!
No longer am I your love
Since you turned me into a wife.

Copyright©2009 Meshack Sewe

In this poem, I tried to tailor myself in some married women’s dresses……attempting to expose what many married women undergo after tying the knot! It’s also a healthy doze for the unmarried……grass is always greener on the other side!!!......But once you reach there, it is a big surprise when you find everyone toothless and chewing dry soil! True… green grass only grows when constantly watered…..hmmm…tedious indeed… of life’s sacrifices and challenges…..that’s the way it is!!!!!.


lilian maina said...

first time readin ur poems n they r beautiful. Am totaly taken by them. Keep doin it so that i keep comin back. God bless


Thanks for stopping by...and thanks for the encouragement...


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