Thursday, December 17, 2009


Bit by bit life grows
Its feathers as dark as hell’s crows!
Its thorns pierce and stab
We all... hunting for a healing tab..
But please, help me  smile
…For a sad face will bring me death!

Placed on my back is a heavy burden
Boiling in my mind is a pool of confusion
And caressing my soul is unknown identity.
But please, help me smile
For a smile might open my eyes…

The clouds gathering up above
Might burst and darken my today..
Thunder’s voice is scary…..
Threatening to strike when I least expect.
But please, help me smile
For a smile might give me strength

Swelling in my eyes are rivers of pain
I’ve toiled all day with no tangible gain
I'm  orphaned, despised, a victim of AIDS
I am dejected, homeless, no help, no aids…
But please, help me smile
For a smile might bring me hope…

Copyright©2009 Meshack sewe

......Inspired by an online friend's face-book post after she visited needy children.....and how important it is to make a sad face smile....when you think you're helpless with nothing material to offer  suffering souls, well, don't worry...just try to make them will make a big difference in their lives.....

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Boy.......this great poetry! keep it up. i have really liked it. Count on my support.


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