Wednesday, November 5, 2014


The guilty…who said are afraid?
But yes they are…some resorting to raid!

Strike dust off their wrinkled wings…
They’ll hit back…with lethal emotional slings!
Remove haggard webs off their virgin nest…
They‘ll vomit pure anger at their very best!
The guilty are never afraid…
Bold ones resort to raid…

Question not genes of their free-style pens…
You’ll be lured for dinner at their torture dens!
Drive them along literary streets of  Thomas Lorenzo…
They’ll drag you to literal footpaths wakupige  ngeta and claim Tunzo!
The guilty are never afraid…
Bold ones resort to raid

Question not when fed on fish without heads or tails…
You must be a sugar- mama…and kiss their junk-poetic mails!
Tease their works with lyrics both assertive and rational
They’ll divert attention with leaking taps and drum-beats so personal!
The guilty are never afraid…
Bold ones resort to raid

Meshack Sewe@2014
( Any public Art can be consumed or rejected…& art and its creator are two different entities… True artists/poets/musicians/comedians, etc need to take positive criticisms positively...
wakupige  ngeta-Kiswahili expression meaning they "will strangle you".
Tunzo: Kiswahili word meaning an award

Saturday, March 8, 2014



Raped by thorns in dark ghostly caves…
Thirsty leaves blinded where shadows abound
Nude roots lifeless as sleeping waves
Take no heed and be rotten underground!
It’s time to kiss the light…on your own

Pregnant clouds entangled by love-chain…
Seduced by lightning’s romantic blinks and winks
Aroused heaven urinating streams of rain
Take no heed and be drenched to your brinks!
It’s time to rush in a hush……on your own!

 Wrinkled souls enslaved by erotic stings…
Skinless bodies drowning in pools of Sodom!
Pagan souls worshiping secrets of G-strings
Take no heed and be swallowed by a phantom!
 It’s time to make amends…on your own.

Coconut mothers fighting predatory winds…
Overweight nuts fallen   by bullet hailstones
Circumcised leaf-blades flapping fury wings
Take no heed and be smashed to the bones!
It’s time to take cover…on your own

 Derailed by lusts for a teenage toffee…
Marital vows locked in bedside bins
Illicit passions drank as instant coffee
Take no heed and lick all your sins!
It’s time to grow up…on your own


2014©Meshack Sewe 

Inspired after watching plants grow through 3-meter-tall steel tubes  that are part of our company fence...imagining the dark moments during their  upward struggle....ON THEIR OWN....until their shoots came out to embrace sunshine.


Born deaf to pleading voices of reason… Virtues roasted in sooty smokes each season… Rusty pride and arrogance of d...