Sunday, November 15, 2009


My heart was a vessel
Hungry for a morsel
My soul was cold
As dreams of the old
My cries were null
As tears of a water-fall…..
 Then all was history
Your love my story
…But now I’m unhappy…
 Because you’re away…..

On that May,
 On that day,
 Amidst blink-less eyes,
 Witnessing our love-lit fires
  Our fingers were lifted
  Blessed rings fitted
  Sweet vows exchanged
  No longer engaged…
  Our union was merry
 …..But now I’m unhappy…
  Because you are away…

 Last time you came….
  My happiness I couldn’t name!
  Our boy on your arm
  Your smile was charm
  We kissed and hugged
  Sad moments were mugged!
  Your presence, sweet flowers!
  Our laughers, hot showers!
  ……But now I’m unhappy…
   ……Because you are away…

What is it in the heart that great minds cannot read?
What is it in the minds that great hearts cannot heed?
 My soul coldly burns thy memories closer
 I reach for my phone with the zeal of a grocer
 Your voice so real …touches me to the bone
 The background so a live my pains all gone
 But the line goes dead….. All time is spent
 I lie on bed, sadly coiled like a serpent
  Another time has come… for my long lonely night

Copyright © 2009 Meshack Sewe

(Wrote it when I was deeply missing very special people on my life....)

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mr. roundsquare said...

must be those days under the scary poundings of shells and mortars in xamar.


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