Thursday, March 18, 2010


Inside, I stumble, my drunken soul, threatens to wither
Breathless, my eyes I close, life’s puzzles I dither

On a singing clock, blankly, I plant my naked stare
Its shouting voice, gives my closed ears a sweet scare

Ooh how rocky is my tour with no souvenir to show!
If everything takes time, why mine forever slow?

On a crying bed, I whisper, shouting to my sinking self
My thoughts, tuneless as a musician’s forgotten clef 

On a calendar, my eyes meander, on a number, they rest
For the ordained, time is ripe, for harvest, at its best

Sighs and yawns I drink, my soul, feeding on wonder…
Questioning why the waiting must be weighty and longer

Guessing, in vain, why life hasn't plucked my chord
Blaming angels whose favors I have forever failed to afford

Then on my side, I turn, seducing my eyes to take a look…
My hands, hopelessly, I stretch, and behold…I find a Holy Book

At peace I feel, on my chest, my Bible, my Quran, I hold
Now I know, I have to hold on....I have to be bold

Copyright © 2010 Meshack Sewe
(Trials & Hope......My personal journey to personal reflections....and personal reconciliation...)


25champ said...

I love it Great Post! seems like we all experience this at one point or another.

AWOKEN SOUL! said...

Thanks pal....indeed we are all victims of Universal Human Experiences(UHE) one point or another...hmmmmm

Katherine said...

That was quite beautiful!

AWOKEN SOUL! said...

Many thanks Katherine.

Angel-Star said...

the angels grace we failed to afford...beautiful...i am a new follower

AWOKEN SOUL! said...

Welcome Angel-Star...I'm honored to have you as a follower...and lots of thanks for the comment.


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