Saturday, May 22, 2010


Not long ago, you sunk in health
Painting our lives with colors of wealth
But sickness came, with a scary stealth
Now sinking in bed, struggling for breath
Get well dear one, your life…. is our commonwealth!

Not long ago, our words reached your ears…
You spiced our joy….and wiped our tears
But sickness came, smoldering our fears
Now down in bed, broken gears!
Get well dear one, your life....adds meaning to our years

Not long ago, laziness you couldn't stand
Your home-tasks you tamed, not asking for a hand
But sickness came, with pain so grand
Now in bed, in a drip, wearing a wristband
Get well dear one, your life…is our motherland!

Not long ago, your clothes fit, your skin glowed
Your farms were done, all seeds sowed
But sickness came, with a heart all snowed!
Now in bed, your skin furrowed….plans widowed
Get well dear one, your life….keeps us  pillowed!

Not along ago, you enjoyed home-made meal
Your dishes mouth-watering, prepared with zeal
But sickness came, web-footed like a teal!
Now in bed, not knowing when all will heal
Get well sweet mama, your life…….is a big deal!

© 2010 Meshack Sewe 
....dedicated to my sick mum...after  visiting her in hospital( she was discharged after a week..thank God!)
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