Sunday, November 14, 2010


Ooh..Imprisoned Poet..
Why strain your pen with pieces so novel and intricate.....?
Belittling natural nectar that charms souls to communicate?
Ooh..Imprisoned Poet..
Why sketch your portraits using others as a template....?
Not digging your soul for pictures all crave to contemplate?

Ooh..Imprisoned Poet...
Why remove your virgin hat fearing you'll be judged..?
Isn't poetry a free dance whose members are self-charged?
Ooh..Imprisoned Poet..
Why fear scalpels of fierce poetic surgeons...?
Isn't poetry spiritual and sacred as pigeons?

Ooh..Imprisoned Poet..
Why wrestle with timed-desire, tire, perspire and soon expire?
Isn't poetry an inspiration, a passion, a burning fire, with no retire?

 2010©Meshack Sewe
 Hmmm...on one hand, this is my little encouragement to aspiring poets like myself,!...who find themselves imprisoned by fear of being judged... by hasty desires of being the theories that a poem MUST always be as complicated as a brain surgery for it to be acceptable!!!...ON THE OTHER HAND, this targets "artificial" poets who think poetry is a "crafty art" that calls for only a pen and paper, void of deep and powerful artistic meaning and inspiration.....
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