Thursday, December 1, 2011


Tarmac road feeds on torture….as wheels harvest life’s highway mileage
Opposing wind wheezes in pain…pedals pressed to chase mirage
Slow-down sign posts thrown into pits…destination lyrics sang in haste
Tortoise sermons pass by unheard…inflated egos with patience as waste
Safety belts endure rough escapades…pedestrians greeted with fumes backward
At last!  A long drive comes to a halt…no flames of zeal to move forward
Tubeless tires embrace deflation…traffic jam ignites frustration
Pleasure-baked urgencies die off…diluted by dusk’s burning exhaustion

Sleep-fed night sighs… relieved of   darkness labor pain
Sweet baby Sun is born …warmly received as summer rain
Slumber land joys drowned… by courtship kisses of day-time deals
Pregnant sweat streams burst…toilers' nails hunt for daily meals
Youthful teeth laugh at the old… drunk of temporary daylight thrust
At last! A tired day retires…all bones soaked in wools of rust
Life-combed hairs surrender their glow…dressed in uniforms all grey
Green grasses doze off…turned to dead dry heaps of hay!

Queen of olive skin to live and die for...flamboyantly natural as tropical garden
Alluring scent leaving senses paralyzed…true rainbow colours of a proud maiden
Flamingo legs with feathers to match…sky is the limit with life at its peak
Packages exposed for eyes to devor…ripe fruits pricked when currencies speak
Motherhood dreams roasted alive…bed time stories with strange subscribers
At last! Olive skin dries…no more Networks from Service Providers!
Wardrobe mirror stares in pain…no wrinkled hand to sooth an aging face
Perfume bottles all turned antique…no fruits of love to hold and embrace.
2011©Meshack Sewe
Tik! Tok! Tik! Tok!!..Our speedy and carefree lifestyle not withstanding....our hairs will slowly and surely grey....and we shall be humbled..


Andy said...

All the things you speak of are the wages of sin. In this life, time waits for no man (or woman).
Poignant, vivid & bittersweet.
Nicely penned, my friend!
Thanks for sharing & visiting. I appreciate your heartfelt comments too.

For ref:
My Wife, My Priceless Jewel

Anonymous said...

oh yes! time waits for no one...when we choose to live a "speedy" carefree lifestyle, life finally slows us down...lettng us reflect on the need to take time,& humanly enjoy each life,not competing to live for selfish ends..

Kerry O'Connor said...

This is a very strong, introspective piece about life's journey. I like how each stanza set up a new perspective in the opening lines and love the line: Tortoise sermons pass by unheard...


@ Andy, sure, life waits for no man...or woman, and within not time, we realize that we've devoured our fair share of life, thanks a lot...@ Kerry,many thanks for reading and appreciating the life's perspectives I've tried to highlight...

MartinRMeyers said...

Hello! I'm a new blogger/writer and I just added myself to your followers for support! Maybe you could come follow me too?
Thanks so much!


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