Saturday, June 16, 2012


Once tickled as a naturalist holding a crustacean…
Now paralyzed as twigs in ruins of Caesarean!
...Just where is dawn ?!

Once sneering at the Sea as stone buildings in Jerusalem
Now blinded by mixed faiths as clouds above Bethlehem
...Just where is dawn ?!

Once sprinting uphill as stone-paths in Jaffa
Now tattooed with rust as old quarries in Haifa!
 ...Just where is dawn ?!

Once soaked in splendor as gardens of Bahai
Now famished underneath as bones of Tel-hai…
 ...Just where is dawn ?!

Once laughing undercover as a tailor’s bobbin!
Now mute and legless as statue of Rabin!
...Just where is dawn ?!

Once boiling with tales as a Jewish mariner
Now frozen in pain as a broken recliner
...Just where is dawn ?!

Once bleeding with joy as Israeli rockets!
Now clotting in the cold as charred sockets!
 ...Just where...Just where...Just where  is dawn ?!
2012©Meshack Sewe

Inspired after touring various historical sites in Israel (Haifa, Telaviv, Bahai Gardens, Jerusalem,Jafa, and Caesarean); a large paintwork of a sitting-sleeping man in a Telaviv Hotel where we  stayed (Medina Hotel), and the dark moments I was going through during those any  normal man…..copyright does not include the photo. 


fransk oversetter said...

Wonderful poem!


Wonderful comment fransk. Thanks for passing by.

Victoria said...

THe diversity of images draw me. I have not yet been to Isreal, where holiness of so many religions mingle and so much conflict too. It draws and frightens me. I am most captivated by your line "frozen in pain as a broken recliner."


"where holiness of so many religions mingle and so much conflict too" So true indeed.Many thanks indeed, Victoria for visiting ,and your inspiring comment.

Fantasist said...

your blog is beautiful :)


Daij said...

I like this alot!

Anonymous said...
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Thank you Fantasist. I shall definitely visit your blog. @ Daij, I'm glad to hear that, and many thanks indeed.

Adhi Das said...

Very Nice...thoughtful..GOD<3U


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