Saturday, February 20, 2010


It was yesterday, I was a tiny seed…
Planted in a soil so warm… a soil void of any weed
Nine months under the earth were never in vain…
Finally germinating amidst trumpets of pain
My shoots tore the ground with the wrath of a flood
Soaking our farm with streams of blood
A new breed I became, a new soul was born….
In a world so derailed ….so filled with scorn
But today I must grow bigger and stronger …
For tomorrow I’m gone!

It was yesterday I slept on a stone-mattress
My dreams were dark as a witch’s night-dress
In darkness I searched for a friendly hand to hold
Swimming through my ordeals as mysteries unfold…
An orphaned lamb…scared by footsteps of a night thief….
A terrified cow… smelling freshly used slaughter knife
My head was trapped as a fanatic reader on a thriller!
My soul was withering… surrendering to my killer!
But today I must wake up and cast my fears away…
For tomorrow I’m gone!

It was yesterday you made me cry
It took my world for tears to dry
Your words were piercing…you made me grieve!
My heart was wrinkled, never willing to forgive
All trust in you, were swept to the sea
My ears were closed, ignoring your plea
You left with bitterness, our friendship was over!
My heart was broken as a rejected lover!
But today I must strive…to win back your friendship…
For tomorrow I’m gone!

It was yesterday I was stressed and jobless
My shoe-soles wept, no bus-fare, richly penniless
Old friends teased me; my life smelled doom
My heart was tortured like a shared broom
But you were there for me; always lending your ears
Your endless support cleaned all my tears…
Words from your mouth, watered my seeds of hope
Your tireless compassion helped me to cope
But today I must show my appreciation…and be there for others…
For tomorrow I’m gone.

It was yesterday you infected me with sickness of love
You feathered my wings, and I soared like a dove
I was overwhelmed, your passion so warm
Your whispers reassuring as a magician’s charm
I gave my all…you were my only one!
How else could I know you would leave me for someone?
In you I saw a future…pregnant with joy
How else could I tell I was part-time toy?
But today I must forget you…and be willing to love again….
For tomorrow I’m gone

Copyright © 2009 Meshack Sewe
 (Was inspired by the fact that in life, we often take things for granted….and watch our today go to waste….and quite often realize when it’s too late…...)
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