Friday, February 5, 2010


I stretch my hand hitting a switch-less wall...
Stealing a glance at a tickingless clock..
And before the sun smells to peep
My legs start greeting
An endless human path...
Ignoring moans and weeps
Of my fasting belly
Another day for my morning joy!

My shoe colours kiss the ground
Befriending smiling dust along..
I stop to tap my legs..
Leaving room for  more aboard
Another day for my morning joy!

As traffic comes to a halt...
I see them shining as angels
Behind their earned wheels
Buried in newspapers...
Perfume-soaked passengers...feeding on make-ups..
Another day for my morning joy!

 My shoe soles I corrode...
Biting my lips….no time to waste
At last I arrive...
Our metallic gate, offering no smile...
Ready to take a long ride..
On a day's sweet pleasure..
Another day for my morning joy!
Copyright © 2010 Meshack Sewe

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