Thursday, February 4, 2010


If you try too hard
And your luck remains bad
Don't you ever feel sad
Or wonder like a bird
For  God's eyes are opened!

When future seems so bleak
 Your present radiating no luck
And your past thrived on the dark
Don't you get  mucky like a duck
For Gods light will shine!

When poverty strikes your door
And you sleep on a floor
Your  pan void of any flour
Don't you ever feel sour..
For God's hands provide!

When you feel roasted in pain
Your goals derailed as train
Conscience choked like Cain
.....Don't  think life is in vain!
For God's Mercy will rule!
Copyright © 2010 Meshack Sewe
(I have dedicated this poem to God's constant care and mercy upon us .....whatever tribulations we undergo...God is always there...watching over us...)

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