Saturday, February 13, 2010


Love, help my hands write…
A poem that whispers loud.. 
With melodious songs to lift her up the 9th cloud! 
With lyrics that never fail to caress my super- tigress! 
With passion to impress...that non can suppress! 
Love, help me write her a poem!

Love, let my soul bleed… 
With words that nip each bud of her spouting fears 
And wipe away her bitter tears all years.. 
Words to make her giggle...mumble 
In my arm tumble, mingle, tangle..sweet rumble!
 Love, help me write her a poem!

Love, help me speak the truth… 
That my heart she stole...
 I’m her life-time prisoner on parole! 
Not blameless as God’s steward… 
No longer a herd-less shepherd... 
Love, help me write her a poem!

Love, let my soul ooze with heart-born apologies.. 
For times I’ve made her sob as lost child
 Drowning her in sorrow so bitter and wild... 
My tales of stale egos...recited in verses as Psalm! 
Long episodes of muted pain...delayed “sorry” and warmth to her palm
 Love, help me write her a poem!

Love, spray me with perfumes of heavenly wisdom…
 For this is along path we’ve got to tread 
And each others hearts we’ve got to read
In happiness and pain we’ve to cling 
For what we have is no part-time fling! 
Love, help me write her a poem!

Love, help me remind her…. 
Of days she made my blood rush..not with crush! 
Her innocent blush...heat-filled as burning bush! 
Days her hand-made letters came through posts 
Not emails from spam servers of hacking hosts! 
 Love, help me write her a poem!

Love, help me pray each day... 
That though hot days will be born and grow cold 
It’s her I’ll cherish, feel and hold… 
That my thoughts, desires and memories won’t part 
That forever she pricks my heart with steel tip dart!
 Love, let help me write her a poem!

Love, help me complement her…. 
For her beauty, her smile...takes my breath away! 
Her accent, her scent, her warm I store all day 
Her hair, her body, an addiction to my hand 
My Red Velvet...soft as fur...shamelessly grand! 

Copyright © 2010 Meshack Sewe

 (Hmm...inspired by someone so special in my life...and dedicated to those in love…and those thinking of love, confused by love, tortured by love,trapped in love...tired to love.. or simply fantasizing love as many  of us humans do! )


Ellen said...

I hope your special someone would see this poem you wrote. It's lovely. Happy Valentine's Day to you both!

AWOKEN SOUL! said...

Many thanks indeed Ellen...

spottedwolf said...

ain't passion great !!!


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