Thursday, February 4, 2010


 If I just sit and stare
You pass showing no care
With many pains I bear
You glance and sneer...
Ever unwilling to hear wild state your scare!

If I plead for help
You are amused as a whelp!
My face bleeding despair
You have nothing to spare! coldly unaware
I've nothing warm to wear..

If I snatch and run
You wish you had a gun!
Cursing without a hunch
That garbage was my lunch..
Shouting...too proud to  believe
How you make me thieve!

If I get glue and sniff
You spare me no grief
Running nose..shirt torn.
My life to you..a donkey's  horn!
Proud, not stopping to think
How my days stink!

If I'm high on drug
I'm your common thug!
You watch me pinned down
Standing calmly as a clown!
My blood decorating your scene
Then off you vanish...for all you've seen!

 Copyright © 2010 Meshack Sewe
(Every time you see a street boy or girl, think twice, they never chose to be on the street.....something somewhere must have gone wrong in the course of their about showing a little your heart....if you can't through action?!!!)

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